Small Desiccant Pack (25-count) - DESICCANT1 - DESICCANT1

Small Desiccant Pack (25-count)
Small Desiccant Pack (25-count)
Small desiccants suitable for use in the Pendant (use DESICCANT5 for UA-003-64) and HOBO Pro v2 data loggers, packaged as a set of 25 desiccants.
Compatible Products
Part Number
USB - w/external sensor
2x External Temperature
U23 Pro v2 External Temperature
U23 Pro v2 External Temperature/Relative Humidity
Data Loggers
Pendant® Temperature/Light 8K
Pendant Temperature/Light 64K
64K Pendant® Temperature/Alarm (Waterproof)
8K Pendant® Temperature/Alarm (Waterproof)
U23 Pro v2 Temperature/Relative Humidity
Pendant® G

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