Half Cross Arm Mounting

Part # M-CAB


For use with Onset tripods or masts, the half cross arm assures unobstructed wind measurement. Half cross arm (49cm/19.2in) provides mounting for one wind sensor

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1 Half Cross Arm
2 ¼-20 x 2 ¾” Hex Head Bolts
3 ¼” Stainless Steel Flat Washers
3 ¼-20 Nuts
1 ¼-20 x 1 ¾” Hex Head Bolt
1 Mast Plug
3 ¼” split Lock Washer

USB Data Loggers - requires external sensor
Weather Station (Discontinued)
Micro Station
H22 Energy
U30 USB Weather Station
HOBO Weather Station Starter System (Discontinued)
HOBO Weather Station 3-Meter Tripod Kit
HOBO Weather Station 2-Meter Tripod Kit
HOBO U30-NRC Weather Station Starter Kit (Discontinued)
HOBO U30-NRC Weather Station Starter Kit
Web-based Monitoring Systems - via remote communication
RX3000 Remote Monitoring Station
U30 Ethernet (Discontinued)
U30 Cellular (Discontinued)
U30 Wi-Fi (Discontinued)
Wind Speed (with 3m cable) Smart (Discontinued)
Wind Speed (with 3m cable) Smart
Documentation for the M-CAB

Half Cross Arm Kit (M-CAB) Packing List

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