HOBO Green Roof Monitoring System

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The HOBO Green Roof Monitoring System is the ideal tool for measuring the performance of intensive and extensive green roofs. Offering reliable, research-grade performance, the web-based system enables users to monitor green roof conditions, measure stormwater runoff, improve irrigation scheduling, and maintain healthy rooftop vegetation.


  • Two S-RGB-M002 rain gauges
  • Two S-SMC-M005 soil moisture smart sensors
  • Two S-TMB-M002 soil temperature smart sensors
  • S-LIB-M-003 solar radiation smart sensor
  • M-LBB light sensor bracket
  • M-LLA light sensor level
  • S-THB-M002 air temperature/humidity sensor
  • RS3 solar radiation shield
  • S-WSET-B wind speed and direction sensor set
  • M-CAA full cross arm
  • RX3003 remote monitoring system 
  • SOLAR-6W solar panel

Highlighted Features

  • 24/7 web-based access to your data
  • Includes all the common green roof measurements
  • Plug-and-play sensors enable fast, easy deployment
  • Customizable data display for kiosks
  • Provides trend logging, monitoring, and alarm notifications

In what environment does this kit operate?

This kit operates in an outdoor environment.

What measurements does this kit support?

The SYS-RX-GRMS-A kit supports the following measurements: 4-20mA, Barometric Pressure, Leaf Wetness, Light Intensity, Pulse Input, Rainfall, Relative Humidity, Soil Moisture, Temperature and Wind

To see the full specifications for this product, please see our product manual found under the documentation tab if available.

S-RGB-M002 rain gauge: see specifications
S-SMC-M005 soil moisture smart sensor: see specifications
S-TMB-M002 soil temperature smart sensor: see specifications
S-LIB-M-003 solar radiation smart sensor: see specifications
M-LBB light sensor bracket: see specifications
S-THB-M002 air temperature/humidity sensor: see specifications
RS3 solar radiation shield: see specifications
S-WSET-B wind speed and direction sensor set: see specifications
M-CAA full cross arm: see specifications
RX3003: see specifications

Documentation for the SYS-RX-GRMS-A

12-Bit Temperature Smart Sensor (S-TMB-M002, S-TMB-M006, S-TMB-M017) User's Manual

Silicon Pyranometer Smart Sensor (S-LIB-M003) User's Manual

Light Sensor Bracket (M-LBB) Packing List

Full Cross Arm Kit (M-CAA) Packing List

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HOBO RX3000 Remote Monitoring Station (RX3001-00-01, RX3002-00-01, RX3003-00-01) User's Manual

18254-A-MAN-QSG-RX3000 logo
HOBO RX3000 Remote Monitoring Station (RX3001-00-01, RX3002-00-01, RX3003-00-01) Quick Start Guide

HOBOlink User's Guide

Wind Direction Smart Sensor (S-WDA-M003) User's Manual

Soil Moisture Smart Sensor (S-SMC-M005, S-SMD-M005) User's Manual

Rain Gauge Smart Sensor (S-RGA-M002, S-RGB-M002) User's Manual

Wind Speed Smart Sensor (S-WSA-M003) User's Manual

3 Watt and 6 Watt Solar Panels (SOLAR-3W, SOLAR-6W) Installation Instructions

Temperature/RH Smart Sensor (S-THB-M002, S-THB-M008) User's Manual

Solar Radiation Shield (RS3) Installation Guide

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