HOBO Motor On/Off Vibration Data Logger

Part # H06-003-02
This product is discontinued.


A vibration is only weakly dampened by distance so the data logger need not be mounted directly on the source. However, this leads to the potential of interference from other sources. The data logger's threshold adjustment can be used to help discriminate against other sources.

Highlighted Features

  • Time resolution: 0.5 second
  • Time accuracy: ±1 minute per week at +20°C (+68°F)
  • Programmable start time/date


In what environment does this data logger operate?

This data logger operates in an indoor environment.

What measurements does this data logger support?

The H06-003-02 data logger supports the following measurement: Motor On/Off

The country of origin for this product is the United States. To see the full specifications for this product, please see our product manual found under the documentation tab if available.

Minimum state duration: 0.5 seconds
Time accuracy: approx. ±1 minute per week (±100 ppm at +68°F), accuracy detail shown in Plot in manual
Capacity: 2,000 state changes (requires 8K of memory in HOBO Shuttle to fully offload)
Operating temperature: -4°F to +158°F (-20°C to +70°C)
Relative humidity range: 0 to 95%, non-condensing, non-fogging
Size/weight: 2.4" x 1.9" x 0.8"/approximately 1 oz.
Battery: CR-2032 (lithium); provides one year of continuous use; user-replaceable
Storage temperature: -40°F to +167°F (-40°C to +75°C)
AC magnetic-field threshold: approximately 2 Gauss at 60 Hz. Position the logger such that its green LED blinks when the motor is on.

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