External Input Cable to Measure DC Voltage: For 0-5 Vdc Max. - CABLE-ADAP5

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The CABLE-ADAP5 is an external input cable providing analog sensor input of 0-5 Vdc max. for HOBO ZW Series data nodes, UX120, and U12 series data loggers with one or more analog inputs. The cable has 13mm (0.5") tinned braided wire leads and a total length 1.9m (6.3 ft.).

  • Compatible with U12 and ZW wireless data loggers
  • Overall length of this cable is 1.9m (6.3 feet)

The CABLE-ADAP5 Sensor is for use in Indoor environments

The CABLE-ADAP5 Sensor supports the following measurements:

DC Voltage


Max. Input: 0–5 VDC
Accuracy with U12: ±4 mV ±2.7% of reading
Accuracy with ZW: ±3.1 mV ±2.2%
Accuracy with UX120-006M: ±0.2 mV ±0.3% of reading
Impedance: 20 K ohm
Resolution with U12 and ZW: 0.03% of full scale
Resolution with UX120-006M: 0.002% of full scale
Length: 1.9 m (6.3 ft) (all models)
Weight: 38.6 g (1.4 oz) (all models)

Compatible Loggers
Part Number
USB Data Loggers - optional external sensors
Temperature/Relative Humidity/Light/External
Temperature/Relative Humidity/2 External Channel
USB Data Loggers - requires external sensor
4-Channel External
This item is discontinued.
The upgrade for this product is the UX120-006M
4-Channel External
4-Channel Analog
Wireless Data Nodes - via receiver/USB
4 Channel - Temperature/Relative Humidity Data Node
data node – Temperature/Relative Humidity/2 External Channels
data node – 4 Analog Ports
4 External Channels - Data Node
Documentation for the CABLE-ADAP5

CABLE-ADAP-5, 10, and 24 manual