Data Loggers for Building Performance Monitoring

Onset HOBO Building Performance Monitoring

As an energy consultant or facility manager, you have the skills, training, and experience to actively manage building performance. What you lack is the information you need to take action.

Onset's industry-leading monitoring tools and software enable you to gather, track, and analyze the full range of energy and environmental data.

These tools empower you to make the right decisions – so you can reduce costs, save energy,conserve resources, and improve occupant comfort.

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Energy Monitoring

Delivering on All Key Metrics

Whether you’re seeking to meet ASHRAE or regional standards, achieve LEED certification, or participate in utility efficiency programs, you have to capture and assimilate accurate and reliable data to fully understand the situation.

Energy audits, building commissioning, and efficiency studies require a variety of diverse data related to systems performance, weather, and environmental factors.

  • Track building electricity usage to understand energy profiles and manage peak demand
  • Verify energy cost savings to determine ROI of new equipment
  • Monitor equipment runtimes to ensure efficient operation
  • Monitor equipment for leaks to cut wasteful energy consumption

Run-time Monitoring

A comprehensive set of Energy Monitoring capabilities

More than half of all energy efficiency opportunities can be achieved with simple operational changes, such as turning down HVAC systems when facilities are unoccupied.

With Onset HOBO data loggers, you can spot those opportunities, take action, and ensure energy conservation efforts are working.

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Onset: The data logger experts

When it comes to choosing a building performance monitoring solution, you have a clear choice. With Onset, you get a company that goes beyond manufacturing parts to crafting powerful, flexible, integrated components that work together seamlessly. You're assured of:

Fast turnaround

We build and ship all of our products from our manufacturing headquarters on Cape Cod. Most products ship within 24 hours.

Reliable, accurate data

Our loggers and sensors have become the industry standard for a simple reason: they deliver the most reliable, accurate energy and environmental data.

Affordability and simplicity

Onset products are simple to use, fast and easy to deploy, and offer outstanding value.

World-class support

At Onset, industry-leading technical support is free for the lifecycle of your purchase. Our team of friendly, knowledgeable experts is never more than a phone call away.