HOBO® U30 Remote Monitoring Systems - Live Data

  • Title: Performance Monitoring of Green Roof on Allegheny County Office Building
    Application Type: Green Roof Performance Monitoring
    Monitoring Location: Allegheny County, PA

    Allegheny County, PA is using eight HOBO U30 web-based weather stations equipped with 90 sensors to measure the performance of a green roof on its County Office Building. The weather stations are measuring and recording rooftop conditions every five minutes, including roof temperature, soil moisture, water flow and water retention during wet weather events.

  • Title: Weather Data Aids Interpretation of Water Quality Dynamics
    Application Type: Water Quality Management, Aquatic Ecology, K-12 Education
    Monitoring Location: Tidal Potomac River at Belmont Bay, VA

    Researchers and educators at George Mason University are studying water quality patterns in the tidal Potomac River and teaching middle schoolers about Chesapeake Bay and its watershed using by paired HOBO U30 remote weather monitoring system with on line water quality measurements.

    Potomac Environmental Research and Education Center

  • Title: Disease Development Research in Wheat, Soybean and Corn Crops
    Application Type: Crop Management - Disease Research
    Monitoring Location: Janesville, WI

    Researchers at the University of Wisconsin are using Onset HOBO U30 weather stations to monitor weather conditions that correlate with the development of diseases in wheat, soybean, and corn. Results from this research will be used to develop new management recommendations for growers in the state.

  • Title: Measuring and Modeling the Effects of Landscape Development on Climate Variability
    Application Type: Meteorology
    Monitoring Location: Bridgewater State University, MA

    Southeastern Massachusetts is experiencing dramatic rates of landscape change, largely due to the human activity. This project measures and models the impacts of human land-use change on climate variability in SE Mass. Surface air temperature is a common indicator of climate change, and because evapotranspiration (ET) is a critical component of the hydrologic cycle and cool process for land surfaces, it is important to quantify its temporal and spatial variability across various landscapes.

  • Title: Printing company tracks energy use, manages peak demand
    Application Type: Energy Monitoring
    Monitoring Location: Madison, WI

    Informing Ecological Design, LLC, a Madison-based energy consulting firm, is using a HOBO U30/Wi-Fi to monitor a specialty printing plant’s, electricity use to help manage their peak energy demand. The web-based system provides real-time access to energy data allowing them to view the electric energy that the company consumes during peak power draws.

  • Title: Remote Monitoring System Collects Weather Data for Integrated Pest Management
    Application Type: Weather Monitoring
    Monitoring Location: Belchertown, MA

    Fruit researchers at the UMass Cold Spring Orchard in Belchertown, MA are using HOBO U30/Wi-Fi Remote Monitoring Systems to collect weather data for integrated pest management. The web-based systems provide a real-time view of field conditions while collecting long-term data that can be used for trend analysis and correlating insect and disease incidents.

  • Title: Remotely Monitor Air Compressor Energy Usage/Run-times
    Application Type: Energy Monitoring
    Monitoring Location: Bourne, MA

    Onset’s Energy Team uses a HOBO U30/GSM system to monitor the energy and run-time usage of their main air compressor over an Ethernet network.