Data Logger Application Stories

Onset HOBO data loggers and weather stations are used in a broad range of building performance and environmental research applications. Browse our library of real-world application stories to learn how users have incorporated portable data loggers into their projects.
Vitamin maker ensures quality through temperature mapping Read
Multi-Channel Data Loggers Improve Forensic Analysis of Complex Domestic Hot Water Complaints Read
Occupancy Loggers Drive Cost-Saving Decisions in Historic San Francisco Building Read
An Interview with Alison Williams of Ready Foods, Inc Read
Level Loggers to Aid River Restoration Project Read
An Interview with Madeline Wedge, Auburn University School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences Read
Level Loggers Provide Insight into Mine Water Discharge Read
An interview with Tim Noyes, Research Specialist at Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences Read
Wireless Data Loggers Maintain Close Eye on Medical Warehouse Conditions Read
Thermal “Ravioli” Keeps Building Temps in Check Read
Data Loggers Bring More Light to Remote Medical Clinics Read
College Students Experience Oceanographic Data Collection and Analysis Read
Texas-based Wine Storage Company Ensures Quality with Wireless Temperature/Relative Humidity Sensors Read
Fumigation Service Provider Improves Safety and Profit with Wireless Temperature Monitoring Read
Vegawatt Cogeneration System Powers Restaurants with Waste Vegetable Oil Read
HOBO Weather Stations Aid the Gunnison Sage-Grouse Read
Data Logger Tracks Dissolved Oxygen Levels in Endangered Mussel Habitat Read
Building Audit Identifies Sources of Hidden Energy Waste Read
Better Preservation with Wireless Monitoring Read
Commission Uses Data Loggers to Gather Data Prior to Gas Development Read
Wildlife Visitation to Compost Experiment Read
Washington State Archives Keeps Cool with Wireless Environmental Monitoring Read
Dracula Exhibit Space Monitored with HOBO Data Loggers Read
Wireless Data Loggers Streamline Environmental Monitoring in Multi-story Building Read
Data Loggers Investigate Energy Waste in Indiana School District Read
Wireless Data Nodes Identify Data Center Energy Waste Read
Energy Monitoring Program Looks at Low-cost/No-cost Building Efficiency Strategies Read
IAQ Research Reveals Regional Differences Read
Study Looks at Green Roof Efficiency in Desert Environments Read
Onset Data Loggers Chosen for Landmark Weatherization Study Read
Faulty Occupancy Sensors Found with HOBO Data Loggers Read
Katrina-inspired Tidal Studies Utilize HOBO Water Level Data Loggers Read
Data Loggers Used in Microclimate Monitoring Read
HOBOs Help Keep Guests Comfortable at Marriott Hotels Read
HOBO Weather Station Helps Keep Skiers Safe from Avalanches Read
Weather Station Aids Wildfire Management Read
HOBO Compact Data Loggers Support Coral Reef Health in Micronesia Read
Cool Roof Case Study - Are White Roofs Cooler and More Energy Efficient than Non-white Roofs? Read
Using Data Loggers to Perform Environmental Monitoring Read
Addressing Root Causes of Declines in Freshwater Health Read