Large financial losses have hit pharma firms because of temperature excursions when transporting drugs. It can take a matter of moments for a medicine to slip out of its permitted storage temperature.  

It is common for a typical excursion investigation to take more than 40 labor hours across multiple departments within an organization.  Reducing that number by as little as 10% across each investigation can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars saved for an organization.

To combat excursions and transport medicines safely and compliantly, end to end monitoring and easy access to data is critical.

Attendees will learn about a fully-integrated,  temperature monitoring solution which provides automated data download, alerting and reporting, enabling greater access to data while reducing the man hours needed to manage the supply chain. 

Benefits of Attending:

  • Look at how to significantly reduce the time and money spent on data retrieval and excursion investigation
  • Learn about increased responsiveness to excursions while packages are in transit
  • Understand more about the elimination of excursions for shipments leaving a distribution facility
  • Comply with the latest global GDP requirements and industry regulations 
  • Find out how to shrink client labor hours spent retrieving data from remote receiving locations or clinical sites. 
  • View a demonstration of a total logger-to-cloud solution