InTemp is an end-to-end temperature monitoring solution for the pharmaceutical supply chain. The solution includes a mobile app, a cloud-based data warehousing service, and a choice of data loggers for temperature-sensitive storage monitoring, logistics and distribution, and VFC program compliance.

InTemp CX500 Series

Reduce excursions while optimizing temperature-sensitive logistics and distribution

CX501 Bluetooth Temperature
(15 Day - Single Use)

CX502 Bluetooth Temperature
(90 Day - Single Use)

CX503 Bluetooth Temperature
(365 Day - Multiple Use)

InTemp CX400 Series

Monitor temperatures in refrigerators, freezers, and other temperature-controlled environments

CX402 Bluetooth Temperature
with Glycol Bottle

Starting at $159

CX402 Bluetooth Temperature
with Probe

Starting at $149

CX403 Bluetooth Ambient

Purchase for $119

InTemp CX400 VFC

Effortless temperature-controlled storage monitoring and VFC program compliance

CX402 Bluetooth VFC Temperature
with Glycol Bottle

Starting at $159


The InTemp mobile app and InTempConnect provides secure electronic records and a reduced paper trail.

InTempConnect cloud-based
data warehousing solution


InTemp App
works with phone or tablet


InTemp Gateway App
works with android mobile device