HOBO Power Logging System

New! HOBO Power Logging System
Measure Power Factor, Reactive Power, Watt Hours and more!

The HOBO Power Data Logging System merges the HOBO UX120 Pulse Logger with Onset's E50B2 Energy and Power Meter, providing a comprehensive energy and power monitoring solution. The flexible system can measure and record Power Factor (PF), Reactive Power (VAR), Watt Hours (Wh) and a variety of other parameters.

  • Accepts voltage ranges of 90-600 VAC, 5-32,000 Amps, and Wye & Delta configurations
  • LCD display allows for easy configuration & confirmation of proper set-up
  • 2 memory sizes, 500,000 to over 4 million measurements
  • Fast USB 2.0 offload
  • Supported measurements: AC Current, AC Voltage, Amp Hour (Ah), Amps (A), Event, Kilowatt Hours (kWh), Kilowatts (kW), Motor On/Off, Power Factor (PF), Pulse Input, Run-time, Volt-Amp Reactive (VAR), Volt-Amp Reactive Hour (VARh), Volt-Amps (VA), Volts (V), Watt Hours (Wh), Watts (W)
HOBO Power Logging System
  The HOBO Power Logging System includes the following logger, sensor and options:
  Items below are required but not included:
  • Optional Amp Sensors [ see below]
  • Optional Wiring Kit and Fuses [ see below]
  • HOBOware Pro Software [see below]

Configure Solution

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4-Channel Pulse
1 recommended
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E50B2 Power & Energy Meter
1 recommended

75 AMP Mini Split-core AC Current Transformer
1 recommended

250 Amp Accu-CT Split-Core Current Transformer 333mV
1 recommended

200 AMP Split-core AC Current Transformer
1 recommended
Lead time 3-4 weeks

600 AMP Split-core AC Current Transformer
1 recommended