Onset Partners

    Blue Penguin
    Blue Penguin provides several dashboards that put your building data in one place and make it easier to understand.
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    DEAP Energy Group
    DEAP Energy Group provides comprehensive consulting services to improve the quality of life and energy efficiency of homes.
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    AirAdvice provides industry leading technology platforms for building owners and their service providers to reduce building operating costs by up to 30% without requiring capital investment.
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    Lucid pioneered behavioral efficiency and occupant engagement technology in commercial buildings. Their cloud-based BuildingOS software creates an information hub for building system, meter, and device data, while dramatically reducing integration costs.
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    Lighting control saves energy and money in virtually every commercial application – now Lutron and Onset® can help you identify the best energy saving opportunities in your building.
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    Continental Control Systems, LLC.
    Manufacturers of WattNode AC (kW) power and (kWh) energy meters
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    NorthWrite, Inc.
    Web-based technology solutions for energy management
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    Veris Industries
    Supplier of energy and environmental sensors
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    Carbon Lighthouse
    Carbon Lighthouse uses a unique suite of engineering and financial tools to find profitable and carbon neutral projects across a range of facility types.
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    Steven Winters Associates, Inc.
    Provides research, consulting and advisory services to improve commercial, residential and multifamily built environments for private and public sector clients.
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    Upward Innovations, Inc.
    Remote environmental monitoring products and services
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    The Cadmus Group, Inc.
    Energy research and analysis
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    Energy management and analysis products
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    Deck Monitoring
    Renewable energy monitoring systems
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    Mad Dash Field Services
    Energy monitoring and system installations
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    Precision Geothermal
    Thermalconductivity test equipment for the geothermal industry
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    EME Technologies
    Instruments for environmental science

    Charybdis Group, LLC
    Coastal monitoring engineering and integration services
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    Stearns Irrigation, Inc.
    Irrigation system integration services
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    Stetz Consulting, LLC
    Energy consulting and training services
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    Demand Management Institute, Inc.
    Energy monitoring and analysis services
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