Onset Goes Solar with Rooftop PV System!

Learn more from Justin Testa, President of Onset
Quick Facts:
  • Installed late winter/spring 2012
  • 936 roof-mounted solar panels
  • 225-kW system
  • Switch-over to solar June 29, 2012
  • Produces almost 50% of annual electricity usage
  • System will pay for itself in 3 years

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Schott Solar
Beaumont Solar

Energy efficiency, sustainability, and environmental friendliness are important goals for Onsetonians and our customers.

On June 29, 2012, we achieved a major milestone by reducing our carbon footprint with the startup of our new 225-kilowatt roof-mounted photovoltaic system. Made up of 936 solar panels, the solar energy system is expected to produce nearly 50% of the company’s annual electricity usage and pay for itself in three years.

The solar panels were manufactured here in the United States by Schott Solar, and installed by Beaumont Solar of New Bedford, Massachusetts.