BoxCar Pro 4.3 System Requirements

System Requirements

  • PC system running Windows® XP/2000/Me/98/Vista *
  • At least one available serial COM port
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • 16-bit minimum color display
  • 10MB of available disk space

* While we do not plan on updating BoxCar or BoxCar Pro, both will operate on the Microsoft Vista platform with certain limitations. Help in BoxCar® Pro does not work with Windows Vista. Microsoft has intentionally removed the help engine from Vista that is required by BoxCar Pro and many other applications, as an encouragement for software vendors to migrate their application's Help to a new Microsoft Help facility. Microsoft has indicated that they will provide a workaround in the near term - please see In any case, it will be necessary for each BoxCar Pro user to download and install this workaround when available, as Microsoft is forbidding the redistribution of the solution with third-party applications.

BoxCar Pro 4.3 is designed for single users, and has not been tested, and therefore not warranted to run in a network environment.